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Navigating Healthcare Leadership:
An Exclusive Interview

Interview with Brainware University, Kolkata

Nov 23, 2023

Sunanda Banerjee, Founder & Director, we Innolead, Lean Strategist for Hospital and Healthcare Institutions, MHA, Strategic Management (XLRI), Managing and Sustaining Hospital growth (IIMB), LSSGB & LSSBB (KPMG), Ph.D. Research Scholar and State Chairman, Jharkhand for Consortium of Accredited Health care Organization.

Ms. Sunanda Banerjee, a seasoned healthcare personnel with 10+ years of experience talks about her remarkable journey in her interview with Brainware University, a university offering over 55 undergraduate, post-graduate degrees along with diploma and doctoral programmes in various field of Management, Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, and many more.

Innolead, being a one stop solution to every challenge in the healthcare industry and her vision and thought behind the creation enlightens her astonishing journey in strategic management, explaining her role as a lean strategist with more than a decade experience in the industry.

In this exclusive interview, she shares insights into her journey, challenges faced in the industry, and the future of healthcare leadership. Ms. Sunanda Banerjee delves into her early career experiences, highlighting key milestones that shaped her journey to healthcare leadership.

The healthcare sector is rife with challenges, and Ms. Sunanda Banerjee offers valuable insights into the specific obstacles she has faced. The interview explores worldwide situational crises such as the pandemic as well as the post pandemic era, and how she has navigated these hurdles, implementing innovative solutions for better healthcare management as well as the requirement for a unique approach in terms of solution or healthcare consultation.

Ms. Sunanda Banerjee also mentions how she has a vision of incorporating medico-legal advisory services in Innolead, her founding consultancy as an added function to the already present services to the healthcare & hospital 

As technology continues to shape the healthcare landscape, Ms. Sunanda Banerjee provides a perspective on leveraging technology to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and improve overall efficiency. 

Effective leadership goes beyond managing tasks; it involves inspiring and building strong teams. Ms. Sunanda Banerjee shares her leadership philosophy focussing on women leadership, their struggles and how she has overcome them which is a strong message to all current and potential future women entrepreneurs. 

Looking ahead, Ms. Sunanda Banerjee reflects on the evolving landscape of healthcare leadership. She discusses emerging trends, the importance of adaptability, and the skills that future leaders in healthcare should cultivate to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

Ms. Sunanda Banerjee provides us with valuable takeaways for aspiring healthcare leaders especially women and a vision for the future of healthcare administration. Her wealth of experience and commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration for those navigating the dynamic world of healthcare leadership.

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